This is the introduction.

This is the part where I tell you why this is on the internet instead of a grain sheet of double sided paper in black and white and bound with staples. Here’s the thing. I love zines. I do. It’s scary how much I love them and how lucky I feel to belong to this amazing little community of sometimes hopeful, sometimes jaded amazing people. But the zinetopia of yore has become a little prohibitive to me. I couldn’t think about finishing a perzine before zinetopia was finished, and the further I got behind the sadder I was about it. It was an ambitious project that sort of blew up into something too big for me. Too much to review, way too expensive to print @ the current position and pay rate, and way more time than I could afford and still be a good pal to my friends, worker to the job, and niece/daughter/grandkid/etc to the family. (though not always in that order, of course). And the other fun stuff I do (bass, photography, craftiness, etc) was suffering, too.

At this time, there will still be a print version of Zinetopia. It will have articles, interviews, resources, and lots of other cool stuff. And now I’ll be able to get it out a bit sooner.

I think this will help. I can update this blog as I read zines, so they are fresh in my mind. I am not limited by length (to keep the pages fewer, and print costs and postage lower). I’m a sell-out to the internet. I think it will be to almost everyone’s benefit. I apologize in advance for that. I hope I have not let you down.


Sarah Arrr!/Zinetopia

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